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TT455-RT-238 HW5.x

The TT455-RT-238 HW5.x was obsoleted because the flash memory was running full. The many features occupied the entire memory.
The new TT455-RT-238 HW6.x holds 4 times the space and even if holding all of the HW5.x features, the HW6.x still has a loft of free space for even more new features.

As many customers are very happy with their HW5.x, we have decided to add some of the new HW6.x features for the old HW5.1
but we can only do that by taking something else out, and what will be the right things to take out for you ?

Latest HW5.x standard firmware is found in Support / Download

Below you will be able to download and bootload different HW5.x firmware packages that cover your needs.
Let me know if something is missing and we will make a customized package for you.

Firmware name Firmware Version Description / Includes

2102071710 001.034.082 Same as 2007161717 - DTV corrected

2007161717 001.034.081 Same as 2005201449 + ShortLong

2005201449 001.034.064 TV-stand documentation  - SKY+Q
BeoRemote One - BeoRemoteOneBuetooth
does not offer RS232 control of your products (codeset 732, 769) - write us if needed


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