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We have embedded all documentation into our computer software, the Configurator,
making it both faster and easier to find what you are looking for.

For existing customers:
Install the latest Configurator and click the "Documentation" button in the toolbox.

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TT455-RT-238 - ClipsalLinTronic light RS232Link
TT455-RT-238 - HitachiLinTronic RS232Link
TT455-RT-238 - EpsonLinTronic RS232Link
TT455-RT-238 - BarcoLinTronic projector RS232Link
TT455-RT-238 - KaleidescapeLinTronic RS232Link
TT455-RT-238 - Codeset 769, ImergeLinTronic RS232Link
TT455-RT-238 - AdNotamLinTronic RS232AppNote_AdNotam.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - AqualiteRS232AppNote_Aqualite.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - AstroBeamLinTronic RS232AppNote_AstroBeamX311.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - Codeset 769, BENQRS232 projectorAppNote_BENQ.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - Beoremote One BluetoothBeoremote One Bluetooth RS232 BT BT-RS232 BTRS232AppNote_BeoRemoteOneBluetooth.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - B&O, BeoSystem controlling a non-B&O product in Cinema modeBANGOLUFSEN B&O Bang&Olufsen LinTronicAppNote_BeoSystem_RS232_IR.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - B&O, Controlling a BeoSystem from a computer or Beo4/Beo5Lutron LinTronic BANGOLUFSENAppNote_BeoSystem_RS232_IR.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - B&O, Controlling Lutron and Bang&OlufsenB&O BangOlufsen Bang&Olufsen Lutron LinTronicAppNote_BeoSystem_RS232_IR.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - BoseBose LinTronicAppNote_Bose_RS232.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - Canon SX80LinTronic projector RS232AppNote_CanonSX80.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - Canon X600LinTronic projector RS232AppNote_CanonX600.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - Dalilight LinTronic RS232Appnote_dali.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - Codeset 769, HelvarLinTronic light RS232AppNote_DALI.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - RS232 control of DevialetRS232 DEVIALETappnote_devialet.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - Dynalitelight LinTronic RS232Appnote_Dynalite.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - ExtronLinTronic RS232AppNote_Extron.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - GehaLinTronic RS232 projectorAppNote_Geha216218.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - Codeset 769, iLightLinTronic light rs232AppNote_iLight.pdf
LinTronic - Control your home from an Ipad/Iphoneremote Ipad RS232 iphone TCP/IP TT455-RT-238 RELAY 208 smartphoneappnote_ipad.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - JVCLinTronic RS232 projectorAppNote_JVC_PROJECTOR.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - 8-channel relay rs232kmtronic relaysappnote_kmtronic.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - Codeset 769, KNXLinTronic RS232 lightAppNote_KNX.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - Codeset 769, AgathLinTronic 769011 RS232AppNote_LG_AGATH.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - Codeset 769, LGLinTronic 769011 RS232AppNote_LG_AGATH.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - LoeweLinTronic RS232AppNote_LOEWE_TV.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - Codeset 769, Lutron Radio RA2LinTronic RS232AppNote_LUTRONRADIORA2.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - B&O, MasterLink GatewayRS232 iphone ipad RELAY 208AppNote_MasterLinkGateway.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - Codeset 769, NADRS232AppNote_NAD.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - NEC projectorLinTronic rs232AppNote_NEC_PROJECTOR.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - Panasonic TV and ProjectorLinTronic RS232 TV projectorAppNote_PANASONIC.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - Codeset 769, Para Lightslight rs232AppNote_ParaLights.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - PioneerLinTronic RS232AppNote_Pioneer.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - Rakolight LinTronic rs232AppNote_RAKO.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - Controlling RGB light by RS232 appnote_rgb.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - Codeset 769, SamsungLinTronic RS232AppNote_Samsung.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - Codeset 769, SanyoLinTronic RS232AppNote_Sanyo.pdf
LinTronic - SpyWare - RS232 port copy tool Appnote_SpyWare.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - Velbuslight home automation rs232 relayAppnote_velbus.pdf
BT-RS232 - BootloaderBTRS232 BT-RS232BootLoader_BTRS232.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - Direct Memory Map control (RS232)rs232Command_232.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - Technical Manual - Hardware Version 6.1HW6 HW6.1 6.1 relays rs232HW6.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - IntellibusLinTronic RS232 LightIntelliBus.pdf
TT455-RT-238 - Communication Protocollintronic 915 COMPUTER amx crestron rs232LinTronicProtocol.zip
LinTronic - RS232 simplified - and why USB sucksRS232 USB rs232rs232.pdf


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