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Improving Perfection - B&O Just got even better
Feedback by Richard Heath, 19-04-2021 19:14:02
As a lifelong die-hard B&O fan of at least 30 years standing, I came across Michael's unique firm, Lintronics, almost by accident. I am in the process of aqcuiring the new Beovision Contour as an upgrade to my Beovision 7-40 which is now 10 years old & being relocated to another room. The Contour does not have motorised stand but as the 7-40 will be wall-mounted in its new location and the Contour can be fitted to the old 7-40, twin pole stand with an appropriate stb adaptor, I was looking for ways that the motor in the stand could be powered (the driver is in the TV not in the stand).

Lintronic (Michael) in conjunction with EP Tecnik (Erik) have cleverly developed a small, pulse motor which can be connected to the RT-455 Configurator and with a little bit of technical know-how, you can now re-motorise the Stand for use with the new Contour which otherwise can only be adjusted manually. With the Command List and Memory Mapping functionality (which on the face of it are quite daunting to a non-skilled electronic greenhorn, like me) with the excellent help and patience of Michael on-line, together with Erik's step-by-step instructions and the extensive library of documentation, after a few hours of sustained effort and concentration, I have managed to do what B&O told me was impossible.

What's more, the configurator App and the RT-455 can be used to map all extraneous remotes onto the BEO4 or the BeoRemote One, thereby eliminating electrical clutter and the usual buffet of remote controls that seem to be a feature of modern life.

The whole process from conception to ordering to delivery (one day from Denmark to the UK) to training, configuring and installation took just over a week, which is remarkable.

So many thanks to Michael and Erik for having the vision, the determination and the skills to turn such ideas into reality - Outstanding!

Perfect solution!
Feedback by a_melonakis, 11-03-2021 01:35:42
I purchased a BeoVision 10 to connect to a B&o MasterLink system I installed in the early 2000s. However, I was unable to update the PUCs to control the cable box with my Beo4 or BeoRemote One remotes. LinTronic came to the rescue!

With my TT455-RT-238, I am now able to use my B&o remotes to controle my cable box, Apple TV, and anything else I add to my system down to road. The TT455-RT-238 was easy to set up and works flawlessly!

Michael has responded to my communications promptly and professionally. I highly recommend TT455-RT-238 to anybody with a B&o system who is interested in using their B&o remotes with non-B&o products.

TT-238 reparation after 15 years
Feedback by joeri.fryns, 04-03-2021 08:47:17
After 15 years, the TT-238 started to behave in strange ways, not always executing the triggered actions.
When contacting Lintronic, and exchanging some ideas what could be wrong, we found the root cause.
Maybe 1 of the 2 foil capacitors on the printed circuit board was dried out, causing the capacity to drop, and not providing stable power to the IR leds.

It was a 10 minute job to desolder the 2 through hole components, and replacing them with same specced C's of 35V, +/-220µF.
Cost: 1 €.

After that the TT-238 is working like new!!
It is as old as my Beo4 sat remote, but they really work still fine.

Not only B&o is a purchase for life, Lintronic is as well!

TT-238 for 15 years
Feedback by joeri, 16-01-2021 09:43:04
I have had a TT-238 for 15 years now, and used it to control TV, Set Top Box, lighting and Qbus domotics system. After a longer period of not using the TT-238 because we moved to a new house, I have now started to use it again and it works still perfectly!
A short email to the helpdesk of Lintronic was all I needed to get it up and running. I got a reply within hours and was helped to load the latest controlling programm (firmware) into the TT-238 so you can control the latest devices on the market.
After this was done, it was very easy to make a table to link the buttons of my B&o Beo4 remote control to actions like switching a Samsung TV on/off, and all the other necessary commands (triggers).

Even when not owning B&o products, it is a great way to have 1 design remote control like B&o Beo4 being able to control ALL your IR devices at home.

Don't be hesitant in getting your TT-238 by the 'technical' look of the website. Michael is helping you out with a superb service and as I said: after 15 years, there is stil support and new software available for the device! :)

A happy customer from Belgium.

Great way to get the beoexperiance without a Beovision
Feedback by Goran, 26-11-2020 20:58:36
The customer support is something extra, really helpful and fast. All works smoothly with a samsung panel, pioneer receiver and local tv suppliers STB.

Projector project
Feedback by Håkan, 18-10-2020 23:54:14
I always favour a Beo4 remote control over any other due to ease of use and durability. Also, nice to be able to control all audio and video equipment from one remote. I recently set up a projector in a Bang & Olufsen link room. The projector had a really ugly and unreliable remote control. With some great help from Michael at Lintronic, I got all to work on a Beo4 in link mode avoiding any interference with my other equipment close by. All hidden away and easily controlled from my Beo4, which I bought more than a decade ago. Excellent service and a brilliant and clever box which can make life so easy and aesthetically pleasing!

Great product!
Feedback by Omebeb, 11-05-2020 19:03:58
After good help, I'am able to use the B&O beoremote one bluetooth and the TT455 RT 238 to work with LG oled and B&O Core.

BeoRemote One --> BeoLab 5 / Sony TV / OPPO UPD 205 / Singtel IPTV Box
Feedback by daniel.chua, 23-02-2020 02:27:08
Its was frustrating at first trying to wrap my head around the framework of the TT455-RT-238 configurator.

Frustrating and perplexing because I was doubting I could get it all to work as I imagined it and all the time I spent will go unrewarded.

But I persevered and with some suggestions and guidance from Michael Lindgaard it took me 2 days to finally understand how this system works!

The payback from all the brainwork invested and the eventual reaping of the multitudes of benefits from this system was tremendous!

Now I can't stop obsessing how to harness the full potential of the TT455-RT-238 to streamline my entire AV systems, in my living room and cinema room. And maybe even my home office!

Once you scratched the surface of how it all ties in you won't regret it!

Now I know why B&O never released something like this to work with products outside their eco-system...

The next challenge for me is now trying to figure out how to decode IR signals not immediately recognizable by TT455-RT-238.
Code learning and Hex converting IR Codes, still very hazy to me.

Needless to say I am on my way to log my 2nd order and possibly third!

Oh yeah I am an all-time Mac user and having to use Windows was a challenge for me. Just so you know where I am coming from into this.

Nice work!
Feedback by Ronny Lambrigts, 14-02-2020 15:02:23
The signal converter offers a solid solution for mastering all your A/V hardware with 1 remote control. Keep up the great work!

Excellent Product, superb support
Feedback by bomanden1, 16-01-2020 10:14:09
I wanted to upgrade my Beovision 4 with a better monitor, and wished for my Beosystem to control a non Bang & Olufsen sceen
I found Lintronic, and the TT455-RT238 could do the job
Michael help me to configurate the system, very professionel and his support was outstanding and superb.
This produkt is very high quality

TT455 and MCL 2AV panel
Feedback by thomas.brinch, 27-10-2019 10:05:22
I mananaged to get an old MCL 2AV panel working with the TT455 as IR receiver for a Beo4 remote. Looks very nice and discrete on a white wall like mine.

Great product with extreme support
Feedback by Romer, 19-09-2019 13:44:02
I had a tt455-rt-238 working with my Sony tv for app. 8 years, it was the most reliable hardware in the house even more reliable than our Apple products.

Now I have upgraded to the new version 6.x and with great help from Michael I have overcome difficulties that was mainly because I did not read the documentation.

You will be surprised how quickly you will get help and how fast issues are resolved.

I'm trying to get the 238 to work with an Arduino, the prototype is working, more to come.

Again a great product.

TT-455 runs smoothly - also in Windows bootcamt on mac.
Feedback by Klaus-DK, 09-06-2019 11:41:10
Everyone in here agrees on the high quality of TT-455 and the great support Michael provides, and I agree as well. The small box generally survives all the TVs and other equipment I regularly change. I also appreciated the support from Michael loading rs232 codes for my NAD Surround receiver.

When I switched my PC to a Mac mini, I was not sure that the Configurator were able to find the driver for the ComCab-003 (usb/rs232 adtapter) in Windows bootcamt. It wasn’t able to find it right away, but in the ComCab-003 there of course are a quality chip (FTDI) and the Win10-driver loaded from their website without problems. Great.


The best way to use an Beo4-Remote without B&O TV
Feedback by Timm, 13-05-2019 10:07:25
I’ve purchased an Lintronic TT455-RT-238 and the License-Key and it works just great. The Installation was as easy as mentioned on the website and i'm just happy about the ability to control my LG OLED-TV and Beosound 9000 using the same BEO4-Remote!

The Lintronic TT455-RT-238 is hidden behind the TV which not reduces the IR-Signal at all. The support is very kind and answers fast.


Ich habe mir den Lintronic TT455-RT-238 inklusive einer Lizenz gekauft - es funktioniert wirklich hervorragend! Die Installation war genau so simpel wie auf der Lintronic-Website erwähnt und ich bin sehr glücklich über die Möglichkeit meinen LG-OLED-Fernseher zusammen mit der Beosound 9000 über die selbe BEO4-Fernbedienung steuern zu können!

Der Lintronic TT455-RT-238 ist hinter dem Fernseher versteckt, was die Reichweite des Infrarot-Signals nicht beeinflusst. Der Support ist sehr freundlich und antwortet unglaublich schnell.

RS232 interface to BV7-40 FutureAutomation bracket
Feedback by Stefan, 19-03-2019 18:49:17
I got an old stock motor bracket STB/Future Automation to my BV7-40. The included IR receiver was not programmed to work with my BEO4 remote and it seemed quite complicated to re-program by STB. I found out that I could control it via RS232 after being in contact with FutureAutomation that gave excellent service to a 10 year old product.

What we found out was that the available commands for TT455-RT-238 was for newer type so Michel was kind and added old version RS232 commands so the bracket could be controlled.

So now I've been able to connect the bracket to my TT455-RT-238 and hide all together inside the bracket itself, so a total hidden installation. The TT455-RT-238 receives its IR commands via connecting the IR in connection on the BV7 to the IR in on the TT455-RT-238 (thanks for the tips from another LinTronic user).

So Now I have a fully automated bracket that auto open when I start a source and also I've been able to macro program my Apple TV so I have short cuts to activate different apps/sources :) So by just pressing a button I can now direct switch over to Netflix if I'm inside another app on the ATV.

A true powerful piece of hardware Michael have created for us that just become more and more powerful with new interfaces for interaction - interesting with the new RF signal interface and the possibilities it open up.

Controlling LG OLED, Apple TV and Pop Up TV Lift
Feedback by lowell100, 26-02-2019 19:25:46
I am using the TT455-RT-238 to control an LG OLED, Apple TV and Auton Pop Up TV Lift. The Auton Pop up TV IR codes were not in the system. Michael added them in for me after I tested them.
The system works well and we are very happy with it. It allowed me to keep the B&O system and bring everything else up to date.
I now have a 4K OLED TV system with the sound through the B&O.

Feedback signal converter TT455-RT-238
Feedback by Erik-NL, 11-01-2019 20:19:28
I have had the TT455-RT-238 signal converter as part of my living room (hidden) installation for several years. I think to remember that I started with a version 3.x (early customers) and at one stage did I upgrade to hardware 5.1 - which is my current version.

The product has immense functions and possibilities, but I only use a tiny part in my setup. The product is of the type which you used frequently but do not notice (like a fridge it is just there). My converter is used several times as day by all members and ages of the family - without them knowing the existence of the product - which simplifies the control of our A/V equipment (BEO4). The converter is only seeing daylight when it needs to be reprogrammed due to a replacement of a piece of existing A/V of equipment.

Recently did I purchase a new TV (Samsung) which is now controlled RS 232 and the rest of my A/V equipment (hidden in a cabinet) is controlled by the signal converters IR blaster. Only visible part in the Livingroom is a BEO-IR eye on the wall.

I can highly recommend the TT455-RT-238, the reliability, functionality and support is outstanding.

Adding new features to an old masterlink setup
Feedback by jonnajens, 10-09-2018 20:05:31
With Lintronic TT455-RT-238 I have been able to “update" my old classic B&O setup with iTunes, Spotify, Airplay and internetradio by connecting a Macmini to a Beomaster. All features can be controlled from the B&O devices in my masterlink setup weather it is the radio, the TV or the linkroom speakers. By doing this I am able to keep my good old reliable B&O devices controlled by a Beo-remote and still have the ability to stream music and radio from the internet.

I have been inspired by the application notes on Lintronics support site to establish this well functioning setup and if the notes aren’t sufficient Michael are always helpful in supporting you.

LinTronic for CINEMA control
Feedback by jcragen, 11-08-2018 21:06:04
The Lintronic code-converter has a hidden feature:
It can be used to control projectors, projector screens, lifts, lighting, etc., when using a BeoSystem or BeoVision in CINEMA mode.

B&O tech support is very unhelpful in understanding how to take advantage of the CINEMA feature. Michael has an excellent application note about using the Lintronic code-converter for CINEMA functions.

You just need to get the appropriate pinout boards and some wires, follow Michael's instructions, and you can get the code-converter to send out IR commands when you enter or exit B&O CINEMA mode.

This is excellent for those of us who would prefer to use IR control rather than relays for such control.

Michael has been great to guide me through upgrading this solution from BeoSystem 3 to BeoSystem 4.

This is a great reason alone to buy a Lintronic code-converter!

As expected
Feedback by Matt, 06-02-2018 09:31:08
Mickael is always available to help us if needed.
The product works really, really well. When you tried a beo4 remote for the first time you can't go back to a plastic one.
The IR is strong and precise. It is a dream :-)
The only advice I can give: take your time to "learn" the product but after some practice you will be able to setup your configuration within 15minutes :-)
All is nice and smooth, no unwanted graphic interface :-)
My setup: beo4 (take a navi one), plasma tv, setup box (I learn the IR up to the lintronic database), ATV 4, xbox. All working nice and smooth
Next step: PS4 with re-bl and certainly light controls
Thanks Mickael

Excellent service.
Feedback by flm, 17-01-2018 18:47:43
Has an old ver. 5.x. Purchased a new set top box, configurator does not know ir codes. Michael borrows remote and makes new configurator and firmware for TT455.
Great service on 8 year old hardware.

Feedback by antonio.silva768, 06-12-2017 20:15:54
Lintronic gives an unlimited options to control every device with the superb beo4 remote.
Now I have it I couldn´t live without lintronic TT-455-RT-238.

Simply perfect !!!!!

Great product - superb support
Feedback by Matthias, 04-12-2017 19:25:48
I am using the TT238 since three years and it worked without any troubles all the time.

Now that I bought a new Android TV box from Xiaomi, the Mi Box, I realized that the TT238 could not decode the IR signal for it. I reached out to Michael and he wrote a decoder for it within days and provided a new firmware for me that supported the Xiaomi protocol.

That's great support, years after the purchase. Thanks Michael.

Happy user since 2009
Feedback by Flm, 03-12-2017 00:04:43
Beo 4 controlling, Panasonic plasma, Sagem top set box, Philips blue ray, Apple tv and streaming pc. Very stable and allways fast service from Michael.

All about perfect hardware, software and support.
Feedback by Kai, 20-11-2017 08:39:26
Mr. Lindgaard offers here an absolutely outstanding device!
Absolutely great for comfortably controlling different devices from different manufacturers with just one remote control. For me it is a Beo 4 navi with devices from B&O, Loewe and Philips.

The support is amazing, I have a very old version (HW5.1) of the device, but get a support as if I had just bought a new device yesterday.

Mr. Lindgaard has even referred me to an accessory to the local dealer, although he offers the part itself ... so I can save shipping costs!

All about perfect hardware, software and support.

Many thanks!

Happy V-Tronic Services Netherlands customer
Feedback by wim, 08-10-2017 16:54:49
This customer had a first generation BeoVision 7-32 without any digital input so consequently no HD picture. V-tronic Services replaced the B&O TV by a Samsung UE49Q7F QLED TV and a Lintronic 238 converter to control the set. The Samsung/B&O set is connected to the home ML by using a BeoLink Active. Lintronic makes it possible to use a Beo 4 remote to control the Samsung TV, even makro's are possible ! Thanks Michael for the support !!

My Lintronic Journey
Feedback by cedar, 02-10-2017 17:41:53
I bought my first Lintronic box about 12 years ago, Back in those days we had iPod and I used to control my ipod which was in a dock and connected to my Beovision Avant. This worked perfectly and meant that I could see and pick tracks that I wanted to listen to through the TV and speakers. Through the excellent support pages I then made up a scart lead to connect the lintronic box to the Avant and receive it’s commands from the TV – this meant it all could be hidden away. An added benefit was that I could then access my Music from the Bedroom and Kitchen TV’s. I kept this system for quite a while and until Apple TV came along. At that time Internet Radio was beginning to start up and I bought one – once again my Lintronic box was pressed into service and I used it to control my Internet Receiver, connected through a Beomaster 6500 it meant that I could control it they way I wanted it to work and again could be accessed through the link system.

With the move from a one bedroom flat to a bungalow I had more space and more projects to engage in. I had always wanted a Beomaster 6000 from the 80’s and Beogram to go with it. The remote on the 6000 was quite cluncky and nowhere near as good as the Beo4 so my lintronic box was used again and brought the 6000 bang up to date, I was also able to control it throughout the bungalow. It was connected through a Beolink converter and drove the internet radio/Playmaker/Aux Expander and Internet Radio.

Both my Aux Expander and Internet Radio started playing up and my demands on music had become more demanding and I found I listened to Internet Radio and Streaming music more in the kitchen and living room and Vinyl in my Study. I replaced part of the system with a Yamaha Internet Radio/CD/Tuner/Streaming system and hooked up a pair of B&O S45’s, however I missed the look of the Beolab 3500 and use of the Beo4 to control everything and listen to music quickly with one push of a button. In my study I have a Linn Amp and Turntable and this was standalone connected to my Mac and a DAC for listening to digital music and a pair of M100 speakers so the sound is pretty good – but not connected to the rest of the house, and after 25 years of Beolink it’s hard to pull away – especially if you don’t want to use your phone for everything.

My project which I am part way through has been to move the Yamaha into a pantry and connect this to the Beolink converter, commands to it are received through my trust first edition Lintronic box. This has meant that I can once again use the Beolab 3500 in the kitchen and control this system from any room other than my study. There were some glitches in the programming but this was due to the way in which the Yamaha receives commands, however I was able to work through them and get to the stage where pressing radio brings on the internet radio, cd the cd etc. I connected the AUX input on the Yamaha to the tape out on the linn amp – and this meant I could now play my vinyl and digital music throughout the house. I could also use my bedroom beovision to wake me up in the morning to internet radio.

Connecting up a Beolink Active to the linn amp and using the line out on the PC socket meant that I could now listen into whatever was on the Yamaha and change stations. The one last thing to make everything perfect is my next Lintronic box which will control the Linn amp and mean that everything everywhere that is non B&O can be controlled with a Beo4 as seamlessly as if it were the most up to date modern stuff from B&O.

Pictures below is of the new setup with the Yamaha media streamer hidden away in the hallway cupboard, the lintronic box above it, above that is the beolink converter – the cables go upto the roof and from there to the other rooms.

The Beolab 3500 works as before and is playing internet radio.

The picture below is of my previous setup with Playmaker, Internet Radio and Aux converter connected through a Beolink converter and old Beogram 6000 above it – sound was achieved via the Beolink Passive connected to M100’s via Linn Power Amp - somewhat messy but it worked.

The fourth and fifth pictures show a cleaned up cabinet and the system that the new Lintronic box will control, control of the Yamaha will be through the Beolink Active and the two sensors will sit side by side on the wall.

To sum up, the Lintronic box has been completely reliable over the 12 years I have had it, opens up limitless possibilities in terms of buying what you want and configuring it to work the way you want it to work. Unlike other pieces if hardware the initial investment means that you can use it for years and know that you can keep pace with technology without having to start from scratch. In fact it has most likely saved me £000’s over the years and empowered me to design a multiroom system based solely on my needs and how I want to use it – simply, easily and reliably with the minimum of fuss.

THAT is great support! Problem solved at 10:30pm!
Feedback by T.W.G, 02-03-2017 23:29:55
I had a problem with my TT238 that I couldn't copy remote controls anymore.
I tried different things, different configurator versions, different firmware of the TT238 but no success. After some initial problems I finally reached Michael from Lintronic who promised to solve my problem - and he kept his word!

We had a teamviewer session started at 10pm in the evening (yes, 10pm in the evening! Which company does that for their customers??) and Michael discovered that infared noise disturbed the TT238 to let it act weird. While searching for a source of infared light at the evening I switched off everything and sat in the dark in front of my computer screen. We finally found out that the sensor of my display that controls if somebody is sitting in front of it, uses infared and caused all the strange behaviours. I disabled the sensor... eh voilà: Lintronic works again like a charm! I would never have thought about the sensor and I'm sooooo happy that we solved it that I wanted to give him a hug. :-)

Amazing control and superb service
Feedback by ryan.chinz, 07-02-2017 08:47:28
My BV4-65 broke and it had an integrated IR.
I start to look for a replacement and found Lintronic, and was fascinated it can do so much more that what B&O can.
Michael is always very prompt to assist and offered very professional advise.
I was able to receive my product promptly and setup everything very quickly.
Thanks Michael for this awesome product!

Great product, great support
Feedback by Steve L, 19-04-2016 11:36:09
I first bought a TT455-RT-238 in 2005 to go with my B&O television and honestly, it is one of the best gadgets in my house and is still going strong - it has adapted to many many different set-ups across four different countries in two continents. It works perfectly all of the time. I now have a second one to go with a second TV room.

Perhaps the best thing about Lintronic is the personal level of support from Michael. Whenever I have ever needed help with the product, or a feature of the configuration program, he has always responded to my e-mails within hours. Usually, since this is when I need it, at the weekend.

These devices are essential items to anybody who owns B&O products and wants to use other products seamlessly.

Fuld fleksibilitet uden kompromisser
Feedback by aakjer, 06-04-2016 21:29:17
Jeg kom i besiddelse af en Lintronic TT455 RT238 hardware version 5.1 - dvs. den forrige generation.

Den blev opdateret med seneste version af Lintronic softwaren købt her hos Lintronic. Nu har jeg puslet med den i en uges tid, så det er tid til at give lidt feedback.

Overskriften siger egentlig det hele... resultatet er nemlig en robust løsning uden kompromisser.

Setup'et består af et Sony TV som via optisk kabel er tilsluttet en Sony AV receiver på den anden side af væggen. AV receiveren har et IR øje bag TV'et. Lyden kommer udelukkende fra HiFi højttalere tilsluttet AV receiveren.

Alt betjenes med Beo4 og Lintronic boksen der sidder bag TV'et så fronten peger ned mod gulvet og flugter med underkanten af TV'et. Den er ikke synlig, men har fortsat god modtagelse af signalet fra Beo4.

Resultatet er en ret autentisk Bang & Olufsen oplevelse. En del af succesen er at Sony understøtter en række IR kommandoer som ikke er på fjernbetjeningen, men som kan findes som HEX koder på nettet.

Det muliggør f.eks. et direkte skifte til den ønskede HDMI indgang ved blot ét tryk på Beo4 - f.eks. DVD tasten.

Det er også nemt at tildele flere funktioner til samme knap på Beo4. På den måde kan ét tryk på TV knappen på Beo4 f.eks. både vælge TV som kilde på TV'et og samtidig skifte til TV indgangen på receiveren.

Eneste kritik punkt er softwaren... man skal have lidt IT flair for at nå i mål. Men kniber det, så er der jo hjælp at hente via Lintronics support.


Superb service, even better product
Feedback by Martin, 08-03-2016 18:48:13
First a huge thanks to Michael for quickly adding support for my new projector screen within 1 day.

Now it's possible to control the projector screen via RS485 with the TT-238. With the TT-238 I can now control all of my equipment. The plasma screen, a technisat sat receiver, a PS3 and a WD TV Live - all hidden in the cabinet below the tv. Even the projector itself is integrated.

I own the TT-238 for many years now. It is always up to date and grows with my equipment. A perfect product for every day use.

Outstanding support !
Feedback by cj, 08-02-2016 10:36:42
I had a problem connecting to my -238 this weekend, so I wrote Michael an E-mail. Shortly after he replied and offered to check the problem via TeamViewer.
The session was set up saturday evening, and Michael confirmed he had a similar problem with his -238.
Michael promised to take a look at the problem and get back to me.
10-15 minutes later he called me and told me that an updated Configurator was available for download on his website.
The update solved the problem immidiately.

This experience is probably the best costumer service I ever experienced, and I'm happy to continously use my -238's every day, ussured that might I run in to problems in the future, these will be dealt with right away - even on a Saturday evening :-)
Way to go, Michael !!

706 Code Decoder
Feedback by frederic.allari, 06-02-2016 10:51:26
It's been a long time that we are working with lintonic products.
Every time we need to make a special control or interface, Michael has done the job helping us in the project.
Many thanks for this special request allowing us to use a Sky remote like a universal one.
10 TT455-238 connected to Crestron system thru RS232
Digital media matrix with 24 sources ( sky, Sat receivers, BD,Apple Tv, dune HD)

Great job Michael You are The best

Many thanks


Feedback by annezwaan, 02-06-2015 21:00:28
I have been using my TT455-238 for about 10 years (something like that). It has wonderful possibilities, especially when using the variables. But then you really have to think about the way you are programming it. I think that mainly the way the remote control of Bang&Olufsen, which I am using, works, is complicating it. Perhaps it is easierwith other remotes, because they do have more buttons = more options to designate them to other functions you may need. I do control now with the Beo4 and the TT455-238 two different decoders/recorders, a DVD player, a mediaplayer and a switch all more or less in the same intuitive manner. But I can not say that it took me two minutes to set it up. Service? Well, Mr. Lindgaard seems to be ready for you even at night and even in the weekend. And he refuses to send a bill for checking the TT455 when I think, falsely, that something is not working anymore. So I am stuck with the old one :o)

Excellent product and service
Feedback by roger.dawe, 14-05-2015 17:48:24
Essential for anyone who has a Beo4 but can't always afford B&O kit. Easy to program once understood how it works. Technical support from Michael very helpful.
My set up:
Beo 4 controlling 238 for
TV - Samsung curved 55" 7200 UHD tv.
SAT - Apple TV 3rd generation
DVD- Samsung 6300 bluray player
VTAPE2 - Yahama DSP E800 sound processor.

Beosound 3000 for CD, Radio and Aux in. (with Beo4)
LC2 for lights.
238 out of sight under curtain in window. Very good range.

Very satisfied with current set up.


TT455-RT-238 times two...
Feedback by Heino Walther, 16-02-2015 17:48:32
This is my setup... two TT455-RT-238 boxes, one HW 5.0 and one HW 6.1.
Why two? Well I have one for the living room, and one for the bed room.
I use B&o's TT-IR-8087030 in both rooms, and Beo4 remotes.
The picture shows the "technial room" where everything is controlled.
From the top you can see my MacMini Media Center, my Apple TV Media Center (soon to be replaced my the new Raspberry Pi 2). A Wii box, and a PS3 (currently not used).
On the middle shelf we have the two TT455-RT-238 boxes, on top of a 4x2 Matrix switch which is controlled by IR (but could be controlled by Serial).
To the right there are two Cisco IP TV Boxes (from TDC), I have to shield the IR senders one for each TT455-RT-238 box, so one for each room...
At the lower shelf we have two NAD Amps connected to the livingroom via BiAmp/BiWiring, I also use a NAD D/A between the Sonos box and the Amps...
I'm currently trying to figure out how to control my Sonos system via the Beo4, which I think I will implement via the Raspberry Pi box with a FLIRC USB dongle and the SoCo API for Sonos.... https://github.com/SoCo/SoCo

I have been using TT455-RT-238 for 5-6 years now (maybe more), and I have tried the Logitech products which now just sits on the shelf doing nothing, simple because of the lag of support of the special things I need, and of cause because og the ugly remotes they have, and the constant need to recharge them.. :-) Beo4 never needs to be recharged... and is a much nicer design. and just wait for the new Beo Remote One :-)

Thanks to Michael for all the help over the years! His response time has never been more than 24 hours, and maybe closer to a few hours ;-)

Thanks for making it easily operable
Feedback by arjan, 13-02-2015 15:22:45
Whole set-up controlled by Beo4 and TT-455-RT-238 -SHARP Aquos TV.

The original SHARP remote doesn't support discrete source selections and no Power On/ Power off commands, the codes for this were found at the Remote Central site and easily converted by the Lintronic software to be used with TT455-RT-238.

The Onkyo TX-L55 had no problems whatsoever to operate with Lintronic, it has Surround presets for every selected source. Apple TV no problems except that the codes in the database had a repeat factor 003 which caused three steps for every buttonpush which was easily corrected. Raspberry Pi has CEC remote via HDMI, so the SHARP TV controls the Pi and the SHARP is in return controlled by TT455-RT-238 and Beo4.

The Dutch KPN receiver Motorola VIP 1853 proved a real pain to get codes from but provided with the original remote and much work by Michael from LinTronic it was cracked and now it works seamlessly with Beo4 and suitable VARIABLE settings to switch the set ON and OFF at the right moments.

Thanks again for making a complete set easily operable by anyone picking up the remote.


Excellent work as always!
Feedback by jonas, 13-02-2015 15:17:50
Hi Michael

Just wanted to let you know that I have now had time to try out the new 433.

It works just fine so far.

I migrated my current memorymap from a 238 HW5 to the new 433 without any issues what so ever.

On top of that I added my five Nexa switches which are now controlled via a Beo4Navi.

All that's left for now is to teach the wife the different light scenes... :-)

Currently controlling a MediaPC, Bluray player, Sat receiver, HDMI switch,LCD TV, Apple TV and Nexa light switches.

Excellent work as always!

Best regards.

LinTronic greatly and continuously simplifies my life
I became a LinTronic enthusiast in 2006, after having ordered my first -238. In anticipation of future extensions and for easier testing - without disturbing my wife ;-) I bought one more in 2007. Both units continue functioning to my entire satisfaction until today! :-)

Thanks to the -238 converting IR to X10, my Beo4 lets me, apart from the B&O equipment, also control my lights and shutters. I can do this individually - thanks to LinTronic’s marvellous ‘Easy X10’, which is really easy - or more usually grouped in scenes, which I programmed also easily enough into the -238.

Apart from the Beo4 colour buttons, these scenes are also activated via X10 wall switches. Very convenient here is that I can easily combine light with B&O actions, like ‘leave the room’ = switch off all lights including the radio.

Thanks to the -238 I can also conveniently apply some more ‘special’ audio controls. In my integrated kitchen/living, I have two sets of B&O speakers and during the day, the one in the kitchen is largely enough. While at dinner, I like both to play. With B&O only, this is not easy at all to achieve, or very expensive, or very impractical, as far as I know.

My rather ‘unorthodox’ approach for this, is to adapt the B&O IR-option of the speakers in the living, to let them inactive (during the day) or make them react (at dinner time) on the Beo4. In this -238 macro, at the same time I install the right audio balance between the four speakers.

So my conclusion is that LinTronic greatly and continuously simplifies my life - and even more that of my wife and children, because they are not even aware of all the things the -238 automates ‘behind their back’, every single time they press a button on the wall or on the Beo4! ;-) Sorry Michael, they have never heard of LinTronic, and -238 just has the usual meaning to them! :o)

So anyway, Happy 2015 LinTronic! and continue your great, super user friendliest work, for all your very lucky - aware and unaware - customers! :-)

Dear Michael, I hope all is well.

It took a while before I found time to install everything. Last week I programmed the device and I must say I am impressed by its performance.

It's great to be able to control tv, set top box and stereo set with one remote. And the possibility to include macros and perform a series of actions at all devices with the press of a single button is even better.

It really is a great device!

Thanks for all your efforts to get things to work as desired.

Best regards, Jurgen

Hi Michael.

I send you hereby two photos of my installation with a Beovision 10.

The hidden devices that are inside of the black furniture are the Playstation and the Apple TV. I have also included an X10 installation, which controls 6 different lights in this room.

On the second photo you can see your infrared receiver, which is semihidden.

Regards, Pere

After I started using my Bang & Olufsen BeoMaster 8000 everyday, I quickly started missing my Beo4. The standard remote control is not very ergonomic and it has to be pointed at the BeoMaster 8000 to control it.

There was an original B&O kit, that made it possible to use a Beo4 with the BeoMaster 8000, but they are rare as hens teeth. I decided to buy a Lintronic TT455-RT-238 instead, and after a short conversation with Lintronic I got it working as it should.

Not only can I use my beloved Beo4 again - which I can point anywhere I want, and still control my equipment - I can also control many more products than the original B&O kit would ever have made possible.

I have been using the TT 455-RT-238 since 2006.

In fact, I was so pleased with the product that I bought a second
one to use in another room. I have used the -238 for 8 years
now and have been very satisfied.

It is very easy to setup and has easy connections for someone
like myself who is not very technically skilled. It really fills in the gap for integrating your non-B&O devices with your B&O system.

With the -238 from Lintronic, I can easily control my non-B&O
projector and projector screen with my Beo4. With the Beo6 it's
even better. On the Beo6 you can name and organize your custom
buttons to correspond to the devices and commands controlled
by the -238.

Most importantly, Michael at Lintronic has always provided
a very fast and helpful level of customer support!

Rgds, Jeff

Here are some photos of my installation.
The nice part is what you don’t see, the VCR, DVD, DVR and Apple TV.
The shelf is rough maple wood which will get cleaned up and shaped when the weather becomes nice again.
The black shelf brackets will be gone then too. The last two photos show my 9300 and CD on shelves which I have finished. The shelves with the CDs are on steel rods which go into the wall so that are only 20mm thick with no visible bracket, they just appear to float.
I am using my CX-50s & Cona for the TV as a remote from the music listening room with the BC9300 & BL8000s, but it all works out nicely and sounds surprisingly good.


Hello Michael,

The TV as mentioned is Panasonic TX-L47DTW60.

Have a great afternoon and thank you for your support.

Rgds, Rudy


Life is so nice with the 238,
so relaxed and so easy….

Really, when I look at all the advertisements about universal transmitters replacing up to 25 devices I smile and think: They have apparently never heard of Lintronic as that is the only true solution, the rest is crap and nerve eating.

I control 5 devices:
Apple TV, HDMI switch, Samsung HD Blue ray, Bose Cinema123, Humax PVR

Regards Wietze

Hello Michael,
I wanted to control my B&O system and you suggested I invested in a TT455-RT-238 hardware version 6.1, since it performs better than my existing hardware version 6.0.
After receiving the new box, the upgrade could not be more simple. I only had to connect the new box and reload my old configuration from my PC => It took me 2 minutes and everything was working as before, except the enhanced power of the new version 6.1.
The new power allows me to locate the TT455 almost anywhere in my living room, and its finally landed on the top of my sideboard at 1.80 meter of altitude.
This new location is capable to drive the following devices
- Beovision-7 located on the left corner of the room 7 meters away !!
- Satellite Set Top box + PC Media Center + IPTV Box + HDMI/ Audio Switch all located on the right corner of the room and also 7 meters away !!
And in the middle of room there is my long sofa + different armchairs. The Lintronic Box and it’s Beo IR Receiver are located in my back and the TV and the electronics device are in front of me back in each corner of the room. In this configuration I even do not need to aim the Lintronic Box.
My BO4 remote control is working in any direction (yes, in ANY direction).
The 6.0 version has nothing to deal in term of led Power with the 6.1 giving a real freedom in terms of placement.
So YES it was really worth to change for 6.1.
Best regards, Alain


A dealer wanted us to allow him to control
switching of 8 demo-speakers.


Hi Michael,

My LinTronic box is great.

It allows the Beo4 remote to control the Dyson fan and the Windows Media Centre in my Sony notebook. Michael is great. I ask him about Dyson fan. I am now seating on my sofa enjoying my favorite music tracks stored in my Sony notebook which is connected to the BV7-40 while turning on the Dyson fan. All this is possible because of LinTronic and Michael’s excellent after sales service. I would highly recommend Lintronic.

Best regards, Andrew.

p.s. Even the technician that services my BV7-40 wants Lintronic too!

Here is an example of the flexability of the RELAY 208.

A little story about how we made the RELAY 208 control a jet-ink printer,
allowing the customer to produce 12.000 wireless temperature sensors.


Dear Michael - thanks for helping.

I use your products every day and they close the gaps which B&O does not (maybe they try to save some development costs when eg not supporting light commands via ML-MCL converter, etc.).
Once commands are received by TT455-RT-238 and TT-IR-8087030, they're forwarded to MLGW which sends the commands to my IP Gateway to my KNX system (still under construction - but it works already!) which is attached to deveolo's LAN over power line. Hope you enjoyed those picts!

ThThanks again for helping!
Regards Martin

Last week I noticed that the amount of remote controls flying around increased to more than acceptable lass="BodyText"> I moved house some time ago and I had in my previous house a LinTronic TT455-RT-238 converter, in order to use my BEO4 remote control with non B&O equipment.

The TT455-RT-238 worked for years without any problem at all.
So I decided to install it again.

In the mean time I replaced the TV, Mediaplayer etc.so I had to re-program it.

As you can see on the picture I also changed to an iMac, so I tried running the configuration program on a virtual Windows XP with an USB-Serial cable.

It runs !

I had to sort out some issues with the new software ,and the support from LinTronic was again perfect (I remembered the very good support from the day I bought the TT455 in 2007)

Dennis, Holland

Hello Michael and thank you for a really nice product.

The TT455-RT-238 is a fantastic and price worth product.

Fredrik, Sweden

I wanted to share my experience with the IR receiver :

Because I did not want to see an IR receiver on the wall, i was looking for a solution to hide the IR receiver.
I was thinking to use the IR-8087030 for better sensitivity and modify it a bit by extending the IR receiver diode BPW82 with a cable, could certainly be done, but it is not the most easy solution.

Then I looked at the schematics of the BV9 and the BS3. I saw the BS3 has a second connector for IR (IR-IN) (used in the case if you hide the IR receiver from the TV with a projector screen) I had the impression this input is just in parallel with the existing receiver of the BV9 (so it is also an output of the IR receiver for the TV set)

So, I just connected (with a standard stereo jack) the BS3 IR-IN to the IR input of the TT445 and guess what .... this works perfect !
So my IR receiver for the TT445 is now the same as the one for the BS3 !!
no extra IR receiver on the wall and it has the same sensitivity as the IR for all the B&O products. :-)

best regards

Hi Michael

I have enjoyed my -238 for more than a year now.

In the beginning of 2012 tv transmission systems changed in Denmark, so the tuner in my old Pioneer plasma tv was obsolete. The choice was then to buy either a new tv or a settop box. Having a -238 converter and a
Beo4 remote it only required a little programming and the system with settop box and old tv worked with both units acting like one - fully transparent. My Wife and kid could keep using the tv as they were used to.

After 11 months I got a new surround reciever (Marantz), along with a spreadsheet of Marantz RC commands, I could program even more features into my system. Especially discrete power on and off commands is very helpfull - despite the -238 can handle power on/off with variables.

Now I have setup speakes in my kitchen, using the Zone/multiroom functions in the reciever. Thanks to my -238 and the spreadsheet with Marantz RC commands, I can use more advanced function with the Beo4 than with the original Marantz remote.

The configurator just becomes better and better and it is nice to see that You listen to costumer feedback incorporating new features.

Best regards, Klaus

Hello Michael,

I wish you made products for B&O.
Your products are still the smartest, most feature-full, installer friendly
and reliable!

Best regards,
B&O Dealer/Installer "Jack" (name revised by LinTronic)

From Bang&Olufsen in Hong Kong, we received a story about the
TT455-RT-238 controlling devices at the Mira Hotel.


From Bang&Olufsen in CapeTown, Soutch Africa, we have received this picture from their showroom.

Scott explains:

AV equipment is all Bang & Olufsen; BeoVision4 65", BeoSystem 2, BeoCenter 2, BeoLab 5, 3, and 7 speakers. The B&O IR receiver is split to the BeoSystem 2 and to a Lintronic -238 in a walk-in equipment cupboard off the main room. The 238 controls the Intellibus lighting control system - 15 individual lighting zones, currently 6 scenes. Intellibus control is via RS232 (Thanks Michael for the firmware upgrade) Lighting triggers for the -238 are Beo4/5 remote as well as mag contacts on the automatic sliding door wired to the -238 digital inputs.When you walk in and close the door the lights come up to a welcome scene.

When you open the door again to leave, the lights go back to a standby scene.
The -238 also controls a Multichoice 990 satellite decoder in the cabinet under the screen.
The room is proving to be a fantastic demontration tool.

B&O in Paris - asked us to support an RGB controller.
Then they created a very nice wall at a customers site.

Facebook - ApplicationNote

Nicolas explains: The RGB LED are behind a woden wall we create to hide the cables and set top box (It's the same type of wall we used in B&o store). The Led illuminates all around the wall to make an aesthetic effect. With the beo5 you can choose the intensity of each color (red,blue,green) to make the color of your choise. You can also start a sequence where the color change it self, at speed of your choise.

Hello Michael

A TT455-RT-238 controls a 52" Sony TV, a Strong sat receiver and a Motorola 1920 Set Top Box. The TT455-RT-238 is placed behind the TV and still controls it perfectly. The Strong and the Motorola are stored in the cabinet and controlled by the low-power TT-IR-ET03.

Regards, Mogens

I am (censored) from Italy. Well, now, i have understood how to make tt238 works well and i have many units working perfectly in my new home (i just finished to build the new home). Your tt238, is really a little 'big machine'! With this little box, i am able to have a real full integration with my home automation system. Everythings works automatically with presence-sensors. Lights, alarm-system, fan, curtains, and now audio-video too. I need only 'to be' in my home, then different scenarios starts in various rooms at the specified time.
Thank you for everything, Michael!

Henrik Torp Nielsen Bang & Olufsen America
The support is A+++. The TT455-RT-238 is brilliant, I have no software experience, but with this product I had made my own program controlling a plasma and a DVD player, that was just a quick test, the product is able to do so much more. The TT455-RT-238 is highly recommended.
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!!! I must say that this is the BEST customer service I have EVER received!!! You are to be commended!!!! Again, thank you so much!!!
Foidl, Austria
I use serveral -238 boxes in a very complex szenario with ML integration and BEO5 XML generator. Everything working very robust, easy config, powerful functionality.

Jordan Korenzvit Bang & Olufsen, Toronto, Canada
We've installed over a dozen Lintronic 238's over the past few months. When we install B&O products together with non-B&O products, we still want the installation to feel like a "B&O installation". This means only one remote control, the B&O remote control. Whether it's Panasonic plasmas and DVD players, Scientific Atlanta cable boxes, Yamaha amplifiers or any other IR controlled product, the 238 allows us to keep the installation clean, and the system easy to use. The software interface is smart and powerful so that our installer can quickly program the Beo4 to work exactly the way the customer wants. The 238 is reliable, so we know that after we've completed an installation, we're not going to have problems. Being an exclusive B&O dealer, we must be very careful about what non-products we carry. Everything must meet our, and our customer's, and B&O's high expectations. Lintronic's 238 certainly does, and the support that comes with it is second to none.
Phillip Armstrong, New Zealand
WHAT A BLAST ! Just wanted to say how excited I am after interfacing a TT455-RT-238. We are looking forwards to developing expertise with your products. Our customers will be knocked out!
TT445-RT-238 works amzingly simpel. I once used a Detoma IR converter and it drove me crazy. Your software works great and is simple to use.
Thanks a lot for the great support; fast response times, great advise and the assurance that it will work and a great result! This is what makes this a great product! Next to my mediamaster I have my DVD player (Denon) and projector (Sanyo) working very nicely!
Stefan, Belgium
Thanks for this fantastic product! I installed the -238 into the front cable channel of my B&O F1000 furniture. To get the same sensitivity as B&O I also installed the original link eye and modified the position of the IR sensor (90 degrees on the PCB). Now it works like an original B&O application and you don't see anything from the outside. At the moment I'm only controlling a PS2 but the Mac Mini is on the wishlist. It' s a pitty that I didn't have the -238 during the rebuilding of the house, otherwise I should have forseen lot of extra cables and gadgets to be controlled by Beo4.
LinTronic vs. Philips Pronto Pro: I have a Philips Pronto Pro. All in all, this unit is no more difficult to setup and program than a Philips Pronto Pro. For me, learning to use the setup software was about the same for both units (about a day of use to discover all the features). However, once I learned how to use the software, I found it much easier to program the LinTronic. I use several macros and prefer the LinTronic over the Pronto Pro. When I execute a macro on the Pronto Pro I have to keep the remote control pointed at my stero equipment until all the commands in the macro have been executed. This isn't necessary with the LinTronic system. My BEO4 sends just one command to my LinTronic unit which then sends all the commands for the macro. I love this device and would recommend it to any beophile wishing to incorporate non-B&O gear into their system or to any person who just wishes to use the BEO4 remote with non-B&O gear. You just need to be prepared to spend a day or two learning how to use the software and getting the LinTronic programmed to best suit your needs.
Dieter, Switzerland
TT455-RT-238 is a tiny box but a great platform. And thanks to LinTronic's close to customer development the TableTop community benefits from a lot of features.
The product is always getting better. It is obvious that LinTronic is listening very carefully to their customers.
Korstiaan, Belgium
LinTronic finally has given the solution I always dreamed about.
Thank you very much for your support and device. It makes a big difference in my place. I advice everybody to use your solution.
Raman Bhatnagar, Norway
First of all I need to say that the only thing that passes the lintronic products, is the man behind the products himself. Even though that the products are quite intuitive to set up, there are always some minor challenges to overcome in order to reach the ultimate solution. Michael is always there to help. I have reached him even at late midnight hours and he has answered me promptly regardless of how stupid or simple my questions have been. Thanks Michael!
Thanks for all your help, everything works great. You have designed an amazing little device, great job! I will return to you later with some suggestions on how to improve the setup program, perhaps some of my ideas will improve the usability of the program. Once again thank you for your kind support.
Alex, Germany
Thank you for the very fast response. I am left without words: again! LinTronic is truly like no other company. I buy one of your products second hand, and at no cost you give me immediate support. Now it's upgraded to the latest version. Just awesome. I would recommend the -238 without hesitation to anyone wishing to extend the functionality of their Beo4.
Andrew Crane, Surrey, England
The TT455-RT-238 is a great piece of kit and is a must for anyone wanting to seamlessly integrate B&O equipment in a multi-vendor environment. The software is intuitive and comprehensive, and the hardware is well-made. Within about 2 hours I had the LinTronic talking to all of my home cinema kit as a standalone converter and macro sender. I find it hard to fault the LinTronic - it does what it says on the box and more I've yet to explore.
I recently moved to a new house, and with my passion for B&O and knowledge about Lintronic products, there was no way beyond combining these products. Together with X-10, I have total control of my house with Beo4 through the TT455-RT-238. It works excellent and fits exactly to my needs, both financially and functionally. The one thing I like the most about the TT455-RT-238, is its ability to be tailored in any direction and to meet every need triggering my creativity. I recommend this little box to everyone!
M.Corey, USA
LinTronic was great about adding my decode so it would recognize my Scientific Atlanta cable box. I have to say the LinTronic product is pretty cool and very flexable. I'm glad I went this way and skipped the beosystem1. Jarkko First of all i want to thank you for an amazing product. When I recived the TT455-RT-238 I was surprised of the quality of the product, very good indeed. Installation whit software and first time programming took about 30 min, extremely easy to get it going. Thanx again.
Michael Rupinski, USA
I am writing this letter to express my sincere appreciation for all of your help. Your products have answered my needs extremely well. I am looking forward to future versions of your outstanding products. Thanks for all of your hard work. If I can ever be of assistance to you in the US, please do not hesitate to ask.
Jacky, France
Very good product, resolved quite my problems of adaptation of 4 different manufacturers, requires a good handling.
I have managed to split the signal from my B&O IR receiver and feed it to the TT with excellent results. I must say the effect of using the LinTronic transceiver with my Beo4 is almost magical. I have put up with a row of remote controls crowding my coffee table for many years so being able to control my world from my favourite remote, the Beo4, is a dream I have held for a long time. The LinTronic TT455-RT-238 has not only realised that dream but opened the door to other possibilities such as computer control and home automation which I am looking forward to investigating.


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