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Universal Signal Converter

TT455-RT-238 currently supports 654 popular brandnames
and their 98.833 commands.


Compact design
10 x 7 x 4 cm

Nett weight
215 grams


Product pictures

Customers pictures


Difficulty level: 1
No special skills are required

Technical Manuals

Hardware Version
6 and 6.1

Hardware Version
5 and 5.1


Used by for example:
Bang&/Olufsen, Lutron,
KNX, Crestron,
and AMX


Use ONE remote control to control all your audio/video devices, curtains, lights, music, fireplace, elevationbed, fan, aircon, etc.

TT455-RT-238 supports
InfraRed (32, 36, 38, 40, 56, 455 KHz)
RS232 (2.400 - 38.400 bps, 2 ports)
Relays (Directly or RS232 controlled)
RF (318/433 MHz) - Digital inputs/outputs

Easy configuration by mouse-clicks only.
No programming, No coding, No scripting.

Henrik Torp Nielsen - Bang & Olufsen America:
The support is A+++. The TT455-RT-238 is brilliant.
I have no software experience, but with this product I am controlling a plasma screen and a DVD player, that was just a quick test, the product is able to do so much more. The TT455-RT-238 is highly recommended.

Can also be operated by a B&O remote






Tested by Flatpanels















  Triggers and Actions  


Power supply

TT455-RT-238 can be used all over the world, since it is powered by a 12 volt dc adaptor.


IR Low-Power Output 1

Insert a TT-IR-ET02 - if you want to control products in a closed cabinet.
The IRLPO1 is part of the integrated 3-channel IR distributor.
Open and hidden installations


RS232 Comport

TT455-RT-238 holds two individually programmable comports.
RS232 supported products
We offer a well-documented communication protol allowing you to send IR or RF from computers like Crestron, Masterlink Gateway, etc.
Our Command 915 allows integrators to read all incoming Triggers.
LinTronic open-source protocol



TT455-RT-238 can receive bluetooth signals from a Beoremote One Bluetooth,
by using our RS232 bluetooth receiver called BT-RS232



An integrated BootLoader allows you to update future coming firmware.
Bootloader: TT455-RT-238  - Bootloader: BT-RS232


Digital in/out

Digital inputs allow the TT455-RT-238 to be controlled by buttons, switches, relays, etc.
The digital outputs can control relays directly .



TT455-RT-238 can control the 8-channel relay module from KMTronic


IR receiver buttons input

Factory feature for this programmable socket is to read the buttons on the external B&O IR receiver. Very nice feature if the remote control is misplaced.
B&O IR receiver
Alternatively it can be programmed to be a seconday IR lower power output.
Also this port holds an I2C bus.
I2C display


IR low-power output 2

Insert a second TT-IR-ET02 - if you want to control even more products in a closed cabinet.
The IRLPO2 is part of the integrated 3-channel IR distributor.


External receiver input

Socket for external receivers.
This is where you would insert the B&O IR receiver or your RF receiver.
B&O IR receiver



Very powerful Atmel MEGA2561 micro-processor



The micro-processor holds your configuration and controls all Trigger/Actions handling.



You can test the existing commands or add your own.


Memory Map

You can change your configuration and add/remove new products/commands
Memory Map


High-Power Front IR Booster

High-Power Wide-Angle Dual-Band IR Booster sends IR signals
in 32, 36, 38, 40, 56 or 455 KHz.
The front IR booster is part of the integrated 3-channel IR distributor.


Integrated IR distributor

The integrated 3-channel IR distributor can be used to control products is different cabinets.
You can even control two identical devices seperately.


B&O Hardware 455 KHz generator

TT455-RT-238 controls B&O products 100% correctly and very powerful
due to the integrated hardware 455 KHz generator.


Confirmation LED

The front LED confirms your Triggers/Actions.



A software controlled discrete blinking diode, confirms stability.


IR learner

An integrated IR receiver is used to copy commands from your remote control.
As the only company in the world LinTronic decode commands down to bit-level ensuring
total control of for example repeat pattern.
Our Configurator includes a HEX-LinTronic converter.



You can verify/test the codeset of an IR/RF remote control


XML generator

We create XML files for your Beo5/Beo6.

TT45-RT-238 can be controlled by
Computer/Controller/PLC by 2 pcs RS232 comports, Iphone (via B&O Masterlink Gateway), switches, buttons, contacts, relays - connected the digital inputs, Buttons - on the external IR receiver, InfraRed: Beocom6000, B&O Keyring, Beolink1000, Beo4, Beo4 Navi, Beo5
InfraRed: Remote controls from for example: Apple, Bose, Nec, Keyspan, Logitech, Philips, Pronto, etc. etc.

TT455-RT-238 can control
Amplifiers/Tuners/DAB, Airconditioners, CD/DVD players, VCR/HDD players/recorders, SAT/CABLE decoders, MediaCenters, MP3 players, Soundprocessors, TVs, Screens, Projectors, Fireplaces, Light systems, Curtains, Blinders, Relays, etc.

250 Actions
TT455-RT-238 controls up to 250 Actions. The 250 Actions can be shared by your products in any combination. The TT455-RT-238 automatically allocates the memory required to control each product as you design your configuration.

TT455-RT-238 allows you to control up to 250 Actions by the same Trigger. You can change the sequence and timing and add delays to make it work perfect.

Computer configured
TT455-RT-238 is configured on a PC by means of our free of charge Configurator program. No particular computer skills is required. After configuration you may use TT455-RT-238 as a stand-alone converter. (Configuration on a MAC requires you run a Windows XP licens under Parallels).

Open/Hidden installations
Connectors for external IR/DATA receivers and emitters/transmitters, allows the TT455-RT-238 to work in open or closed environments. It may sit openly with your other A/V products or may be hidden in a cabinet. Read More

Integrated 36-40 KHz IR receiver
TT455-RT-238 includes a 32-56 KHz receiver which allows the TT455-RT-238 to learn/copy/decode codes from your existing remote controls.

InfraRed booster
TT455-RT-238 includes a Dual-Band High-Power Long-Range Wide-Angle IR booster, capable of transmitting InfraRed signals from a huge variety of remote control code sets. As most manufacturers license an industrial standard code, our CodeCollection covers more than 95% of the markets remote controls and we are constantly adding more.

3-channel IR distributor
TT455-RT-238 also includes 2 pcs low-power IR output allowing you to mount IR emitters on the front of your products, in case these are hidden in cabinets out of the TT455-RT-238's range.

Customized RS232 control
TT455-RT-238 also supports RS232 commands for many light systems, projectors, screens, computers, etc. If you wish to control a product by means of RS232 commands, then contact us with the commands/protocol, and we will embed it in the firmware.

Digital Inputs/Output
TT455-RT-238 includes digital inputs and outputs and can be triggered by digital outputs from other products, like for example the BeoSystem. Read more

Use the specific value of 10 individual variables, to carry out certain tasks depending on the value (range 0-10). Quick and easy way to control for example the light scenario (mood) of dimmers in up to 8 rooms.
Read more

Customized firmware
We often add new functionality when customers or dealers present ideas for new features or in order to solve a specific matter or interface to a new product.

Firmware updates
TT455-RT-238 includes a firmware updater ... a socalled BootLoader, capable of installing new/updated firmware holding more features, which ensures our customers and dealers, that they don't have to stock or sell outdated products.


Prices, Ordering and Accessories

RS232 Crossover
RS232 Crossover Swaps RS232 pin 2 and 3

Price exclusiv vat/tax / pris eksklusiv moms
50,00 kroner
6,76 euros
8,62 dollars

Nice to know when ordering
ComCab-005 RS232 cable Male-Male 1:1

Price exclusiv vat/tax / pris eksklusiv moms
50,00 kroner
6,76 euros
8,62 dollars

Nice to know when ordering
LicenseKey LicenseKey for the Configurator
Unlimited software updates

Price exclusiv vat/tax / pris eksklusiv moms
240,00 kroner
32,43 euros
41,38 dollars

Nice to know when ordering
TT-IR-8087030/8089002 455 KHz InfraRed Receiver (plasma protected) for B&O remote control signals. Can be used as external receiver for our TableTop series InfraRed products.

Price exclusiv vat/tax / pris eksklusiv moms
625,00 kroner
84,46 euros
107,76 dollars

Nice to know when ordering
STEREO-EXT-10 3.5 mm extension cable, male-female, 10 meters
Used with TT-IR-8087030 and TT-IR-ET03

Price exclusiv vat/tax / pris eksklusiv moms
48,00 kroner
6,49 euros
8,28 dollars

Nice to know when ordering
ComCab-003 USB to 9-pin RS232 male communication cable

Price exclusiv vat/tax / pris eksklusiv moms
128,00 kroner
17,30 euros
22,07 dollars

Nice to know when ordering
ComCab-001 9-9 pin male/female RS232 1:1 cable

Price exclusiv vat/tax / pris eksklusiv moms
50,00 kroner
6,76 euros
8,62 dollars

Nice to know when ordering
TT-IR-ET02 2-way low-power InfraRed Emitters. Used with TableTop products to distribute low-power infrared signals

Price exclusiv vat/tax / pris eksklusiv moms
50,00 kroner
6,76 euros
8,62 dollars

Nice to know when ordering



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