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Frequently Asked Questions


HW 5
HW 6

What is the difference between the TT455-RT-238 in the obsoleted Hardware 5 and the new Hardware 6 ?
  • Hardware 5 was obsoleted - went out of production - in 2010.
  • Hardware 6 holds all of the new hardware and software changes required by our customers:
    2 pcs. RS232 comports, programmable 3-channel IR distributor, dual-band high-power long-range IR diode (better operation range than the Beo4), operation from the 4 push-buttons of the external B&O IR receiver, short/long push detection, more room for functions, etc. etc.
  • The hardware 6 comes with a free of charge unlimited software updates licensekey.
  • See: The tecnical manual of TT455-RT-238 Hardware Version 6
2 Is Bang&Olufsen the only remote control for your products ?
  • No - a wide range of remotes can be used.
  • It is true that we recommend our products to be controlled by a wide range of B&O remote controls:
    Keyring, Beocom6000, BeoLink1000, Beo1, Beo4 SAT, Beo4 DTV, Beo4 NAVI (1710), Beo5, Beo6
  • But also you can use hundreds of Philips RC5 and NEC codes based remote controls: Apple, Bose, LG, Pioneer, Samsung, Yamaha, etc. etc.
  • If you own a Logitech remote control, you can control our TT455-RT-238 by simulating any of the above products.
  • Furthermore we have developed our own LinTronic codeset for learnable remotes:
    LinTronicCodeSet and LinTronicCodeset (HEX)
  • These commands have also been accepted by LogiTech and is found in the Logitech configuration program under 'Home Applicance'.
  • Note: RELAY 208 can only be controlled by a B&O remote and a computer.
3 Will the TT455-RT-238 control my device even though it is
not already listed in your database ?
  • Yes, most likely - since we control 99% of all infrared remote controlled devices working in the range 16 - 80 KHz or 455 KHz and virtually all products working on RS232/RS485.
  • Even though your particular device is not already listed, there is a very high chance we already have a decoder or firmware for it.
  • If the brandname is already supported (for example Panasonic), then we typically support all Panasonic products.
    If for example the DVD player S35 is listed, then it is 99% guaranteed that other Panasonic DVD players (S25 and S75) use the same codes.
  • So we actually cover a lot more products than already listed.
  • If for some reason, your device use an unknown codeset, then we write a decoder or incorporate the codes i the firmware.
  • See latest update of all supported products
4 Is the TT455-RT-238 able to control for example 4 devices ?
  • Yes - and a lot more than just 4.
  • The TT455-RT-238 has 250 functions and you can use any number of functions to control any number of devices, as long as the total number of functions do not exceed 250.
  • You control for example up to 5 functions in up to 50 devices, or up to 10 functions in up to 25 devices, or 25 functions in up to 10 devices, etc.
5 Can TT455-RT-238 be stored away in a cabinet or control devices in another room ?
  • Yes.
  • External receivers and external transmitters/emitters allow open or hidden installation.
  • We recommend receiver TT-IR-8087030 and transmitter/emitter TT-IR-ET03.
  • See: AppNote MultiRoomControl
6 Can the TT455-RT-238 interface to the BEOLINK or a BEOSYSTEM ?

Does TT455-RT-238 work in USA ?

  • Yes.
  • This question is often raised since mains outlet in USA are working on 115 vac / 60 Hz.
  • Our products also work in USA and in any other country - as we use an external adaptor power supply delivering 12 volt.
  • LinTronic products are found in 57 countries:
    Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Reunion Island, Romania, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America, Uruguay
8 Which communication cable should I choose for my computer ?
  • If you computer has a standard serial port, then we recommend ComCab-001 as you then do not need any drivers. If your computer hold USB only, we recommend ComCab-003.
  • see: Nice To Know When Ordering
9 Can I operate/configure TT455-RT-238 on a MAC ?
  • Yes - but:
    Our Configurator program is developed to run on Microsoft Windows PC.
    In order to run on a MAC you need to run the Configurator in parallels or as a virtual machine.
  • Most Mac-customers borrow a friends windows computer for configuration.
  • Since it takes years to become very good at another programming language - and the Configurator is a rather complex program - we are currently not prepared to offer the Configurator for Mac.
  • It is more likely that we offer an online configuration program, but that is som time in the future - perhaps.
10 Can I control light systems or automation systems like VELBUS, Lutron, Clipsal, X10 from my B&O remote ?
  • Yes.
  • We support a wide range of light systems:
    Helvar, iLight, KNX, Velbus, Clipsal, Conson, Dlai, Dynalite, Intelliobus, Niko, Rako, Vimar, etc. etc.
  • See: "light systems"
11 Can I control the TT455-RT-238 from a Crestron system ?
  • Yes.
  • Crestron holds USB/RS232 ports. See below about control from a computer.
12 Can I control the TT455-RT-238 from a B&O Masterlink Gateway ?
  • Yes.
  • The Masterlink gateway holds USB/RS232 ports. See below about control from a computer.
13 Can I control the TT455-RT-238 from a computer ?
14 Can I control devices holding an RS232 port - like TV's, screens, projectors, light systems, alarms, etc. - from the TT455-RT-238 ?


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